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Used Clothes Direct is a used clothing exporter. We maintain strong relationships with most major organizations that obtain used credential clothing for export as well as used clothing graders. This means we can customize used clothing shipments to your specifications based on your needs.

We are a leader in the industry due to our transparency, efficiency, and experience. Many of the top used clothes exporters in the United States of America purchase their clothing from us.

Our clients span across the globe and we continue to grow each and every year. When both quality and pricing matter, you can put your trust in If you want a relationship that lasts with consistant quality, your search is over.

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Our Products

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Used Clothes Direct offers 6 main types of used clothing products for export. This is because we sell our used clothing exports is our main business and we deal in extremely large volumes. It helps maintains the efficiency of our orders. However, if need on-going shipments we can accomodate any request.

With Used Clothes Direct, you do not need to wait weeks for order processing. We pride ourselves in fast service. We currently have buyers all over the world.

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Looking to Sell?

Used Clothing Direct works with many buyers of used clothing. Exports is what we specialize in so if you have Grade A, B, C, or mixed grade clothing for sale; let us know. Our relationships are with major organizations that provide our used clothing to us so we are usually well stocked but are constantly growing!

Depending on your volume, frequency of obtaining material, pricing, etc; will dictate our interest if you are searching how to sell bulk used clothes.

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If you are searching for wholesale used clothing for export or bulk clothing for import, fill out our form or give us a call. Our inventory is constantly changing so let us know what you are looking for.

Pricing changes frequently. Feel free send us a message or reach out to us so we can give you an update on current inventory levels. We look forward to becoming your exclusive partner for your used clothing export needs.

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    Conditions: sells overstock thrift store supply, credential clothing, clothing from graders, surplus, overstock and makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations of merchandise fitness or marketability. There are no returns, refunds, credits or exchanges, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are absolutely no refunds. All wholesale products are sold “AS IS”.