Credential Used Clothing

Credential Used Clothing Wholesalers – Bulk Pricing

Credential Clothing or Credential Used Clothing is clothing products such as shoes, shirts, shorts, jeans, etc; which is still in the original donation bag from the donor. Our cheap credential used clothes have a low price but we do not compromise quality. All of our products originate in the United States of America. Many of the credential clothing ends up at thrift stores like Goodwill.

Credential Clothing is less expensive than graded clothes because it removes the labor cost aspect of grading. This is because there will be a small percentage of waste. Waste means clothes that likely wouldn’t make it in a thrift store, has tears, rips, excessive stains, etc. Used clothing graders typically sell their waste to commercial rag companies.

However it is important to note that all credential used clothing is not created equal. For instance, some credential clothing will have a higher waste percentage than others. Our goal at is to ensure our wholesale credential clothing is of the highest quality & delivering the most consistent product possible.

This doesn’t mean that the credential clothing we offer will be flawless, but we continuously have re-orders on our credential clothing for export because our clients find our quality & cost savings to be worth it.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Credential Used Clothes for Export

When used clothing graders sort through 40,000lbs of clothing this is a very large cost for employee hours. Ultimately, the cost for sorting or grading credential used clothing into Graded clothing is passed on to the ultimate purchaser, you. This is why it is more costly to buy graded clothing vs. credential clothing.

credential clothing wholesalersWith credential used clothing, you eliminate these costs of someone else’s grading team. This allows you to obtain used clothing at a much less expensive price. This means more profits for your thrift store, distribution business, retailing business, etc. In addition, labor in Central & South America is typically far less than in the United States which has minimum wage requirements. This alone means if you have a grading team, you can save big.

Our team recommends if you have staff members at a low labor cost, utilize them to your advantage. When employees are on payroll, if they are not busy for a full 40 hours, you can make your business more efficient.

Another clear benefit is the hidden gems. You may find vintage clothing which commands a much higher price than Grade B or Grade C. Also, you may find a credential clothing shipment to have a high percentage of Grade A & Grade B, which makes the pricing extremely attractive.

Lastly, you can train your employees to grade the way you want your used clothing to be graded. What a Grade A used clothing is or a Grade B used clothing item is can be debated. You need your customers to be happy so by grading more conservatively yourself, you know you will always have happy end customers.

Drawbacks of Buying Wholesale Credential

After reading the benefits for credential used clothing it may be hard for you not to want to order it! However, with this products low pricing comes drawbacks.

First, you must expect there to be some waste. No used credential clothing will ever be 100% usable. However wasteused credential clothing wholesalers doesn’t mean waste of money. This is because while some clothing will not make it to re-sale, you can always save your waste and sell as rags.

Second is time investment. Unlike purchasing Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C; you will need to sort. This was mentioned as a benefit in the previous section as you dictate your quality scoring system but this does take time. If you do not have time or man-power this makes used credential clothing less attractive.

Lastly is consistency. While works its hardest to ensure consistency, each donation is always different. There is no cherry picking from our team and all used clothing for export is left in the original bags. This is an important point because if all the gems are taken out of the original bags a huge benefit of this type of clothing is eliminated.

Used Credential Clothes Pricing for Export

Wholesale pricing is the name of the game if you are looking for used credential clothes for export. Used credential clothes should be from the same areas for re-orders if you want consistency. Even if you are in the United States and looking to buy and end up exporting, having the lowest prices possible for your credential used clothing is critical.

Our used credential clothing prices vary according to area as some of the higher income areas typically donate almost all Grade A used clothing. Collectors know this and charge more.

For this reason the used credential prices can range from .28 per lb to .60 per lb. Even with the most expensive used clothing, do not expect perfection with any used clothes.

Want a Used Credential Clothing Pricing Quote?

See why our customers keep coming back with re-orders to Visit our credential clothing prices page to view our updated pricing. However prices can change daily so send us a message today.

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