Grade B Used Clothing

Grade B Used Clothing for Export – Wholesale Pricing

Grade B used clothing for export allows buyers to have more affordable clothing. This is one grade lower than the most commonly sold Grade A clothing. Wholesale grade B used clothes will be more worn out than its grade A counterpart. You may see more light stains or smaller rips in some of the clothing. We offer cheap Grade B clothes from the United States.

Our most common buyers of Grade B clothing are primarily in Central or South America countries where it is allowed. Our team works very hard to ensure the clothes that are graded have the smallest amount of waste possible.

Many clothing distributors, wholesalers, and retailers that are looking for the lowest prices possible generally opt to purchase our Grade B used clothing for sale or our mixed grade used clothes for export. This is because with both of these products, our pricing is the lowest. With used mixed grade clothing for export you can actually expect to see some Grade A, some Grade B, some Grade C, and some waste.

If you can sell the waste as rags, this mixed grade load can work out very well for you as you can obtain some Grade A at rock bottom prices.

Why Choose Grade B Clothes for Export?

grade b used clothingPrice! Aside from mixed grade clothing, our wholesale used grade B clothes is the lowest priced product we carry. If Grade A used clothing is a bit to costly for you, then Grade B is the next level down.

We choose not to sell grade C clothes by itself because it is a lower quality clothes meant primarily for Africa. A majority of our clientele will come from Central or South America.

For our clients outside of Central / South America, our mixed grade clothing is a fantastic option as you get a mix of all our grades. We have the cheap grade B clothing from the United States. Our graders have been grading used clothes for many years which leads to an extremely consistent product that you can rely on. Save money and get consistent quality when you buy your grade b clothes from us.

Grade B clothes can allow your company to obtain maximum profits without the clothes being frowned upon as very, very low quality. Make no mistake, this is not Grade A clothing but it is far better than Grade C clothing.

When is Grade B Clothing Not a Good Choice?

Grade B clothing is not a good choice for those who wish to have very high quality clothing. Grade AAA is basically clothing with tags. Grade AA is mixed new clothing with clothes worn maybe once or twice. Grade B clothing is meant for areas where fashion isn’t critical just having access to new clothes is important.

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