Wholesale Used Kids Clothing for Export From the USA

Finding used kids clothing for export that is an actual distributor, wholesaler,  or dealer to export from the USA is now possible with Used Clothes Direct. Our team has direct relationships with the largest graders in the country. Used Clothes Direct specifically chose those that work with secondhand kids clothing for export. This direct relationship means that you can purchase this product and get a great deal. This is done by utilizing our pre-arranged pricing with these companies. By using Used Clothes Direct, you will notice that the quality is always consistent.

If you are trying to find the cheapest used kids clothes for export to South America or Central America, we are probably not the best fit. We’ve heard horror stories of what happens when prices are too good to be true. For that reason, we’d rather work with the larger companies who have consistent quality.

Bulk used children clothing by container starts at just .82/lb!

Used Clothes Direct offers everything from standard quality to premium quality secondhand kids clothes. You can feel confident that you will receive the grade clothing that you pay for. This is because those are the regions we specifically work with. While other clothing companies work with anyone in the world, we’d rather specialize in one specific market. Below you will find all the information on our used kid’s clothing for export.

Wholesale Baby & Children – Used Kids Clothing for Export

tropical used kids clothing for exportBulk Used Baby Summer Mix – These secondhand tropical used baby clothes are great for ages 0-6 years old. Because the sizes are smaller, this used clothing for baby and infants for export is the most expensive. However, they are standard quality so it is still very affordable.

Bulk Used Children Summer Mix – These secondhand tropical used children clothes are meant for age ranges 7 to 14 years old. The quality type will also be standard quality and because of the older age, this type of used clothing will be cheaper than the baby summer mix.

AAA Premium Used Baby & Kids Summer Fashion Mix – These #1 AAA secondhand tropical used kids clothes will be perfect for age ranging from 0-16 years old. This product usually comes folded in 50lb boxes. This is the top of the line product in terms of quality.

AA Used Baby & Kids Summer Mix – This secondhand tropical used baby & kids mix for export is meant for ages 0-16 years old. It is similar to the product above with the main difference being the quality. This is one level down from the AAA #1 premium used children clothing for ages 0 to 16. For export to South America or Central America, if you need the prices to be low but still have very high quality, this is the product for you.

Used Clothes Direct as Your New Used Baby Clothes Supplier

As you can see, the products being offered is specifically geared towards the South American & Central American markets. It is our goal to cultivate relationships with companies that do business in these markets. Working with our team will allow you to feel confident. When your containers arrive, you will know what to expect. This is what we’ve built our company on. Strong values.

So if you are in the market for used kids clothing for export, you’ve found the right company. A company that is very transparent with you to form a long-lasting relationship. Look no further for your supplier, distributor, or wholesaler of secondhand tropical summer children clothes.

Conditions: UsedClothesDirect.com sells overstock thrift store supply, credential clothing, clothing from graders, surplus, overstock and makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations of merchandise fitness or marketability. There are no returns, refunds, credits or exchanges, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are absolutely no refunds. All wholesale products are sold “AS IS”.