Wholesale Used Mens Clothing for Export From the USA

wholesale mens used clothes for export from usa



The market for wholesale used mens clothing for export from USA is growing quicker and quicker by the day. This is because Americans will typically donate clothing that they just don’t like anymore but nothing is wrong with them.

This is known as credential clothing but can contain a mix of household goods, womens clothing, infant clothing, baby clothing, and more. So if you specifically need used mens clothing then credential clothing is not your best bet. You would be best off with graded clothes.

Our wholesale used mens clothing for export from the USA starts at just .30/lb.

There are many different types of used mens clothing for export. From USA is popular because there is usually many different types of high quality used clothes like tshirts, cargo pants, athletic wear, summer mix, cotton pants, and more. Even if they have been lightly used, the clothing is usually in good shape. The good news is that you will only pay high prices for the higher quality clothes. On the other hand, you will pay less money for lesser quality clothes.

Types of Used Mens Clothing for Export from the USA

There are many specific sub-types of used mens clothes that we can export from the USA. All of our clothes originate here and are graded direct from the donation bins and perfect for export:

Used Mens Tshirts – This is our most popular request by volume. Our team has many types of used mens tshirts for export which include: short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, 3-button polos, solid t-shirts, printed t-shirts, polos, and long sleeve tshirts. As you can see, we offer the largest selection of used mens tshirt for export! We also have many grades of used mens tshirts such as wearable quality, standard quality, and premium quality. Prices start at just .30/lb for wearable quality mens used tshirts. Large sizes are sometimes removed as this is a constant request we receive from our customers in Central & South America.

Mens Used Clothes Summer Mix – We offer the mens summer mix in premium quality. This is like-new garments with bright colors. You can consider this Grade AAA men’s summer mix.

Used Mens Pants – Our team also offers mens pants for export from the USA. One type of used mens pants we offer for export are cargo pants, cotton pants, and jeans. Sometimes we offer this product with large sizes removed as this is a request we often get.

Note: Please contact us to verify inventory as inventory changes on a daily basis. 

As you can see, our team does the best job at offering a wide array of different types of used clothing for export. Our team strives to be your reliable partner that you can count on for a consistent quality product that you can rely on.

Consistent Quality of Mens Used Clothes Bales for Export from the USA

mens used clothes for exportThere is a huge market in Central America & South America for mens used clothes in bales. This is not a new market and has been around for many years. However, our team has been getting more and more calls for requests because the quality from other providers has been going down.

This is something you will not have to worry about with us. The reason for this is because we are savvy businessmen who understand the value of a customer. We will always do everything in our power to keep our customers happy. There will always be minimal grading errors. But that is exactly what it says, minimal. There are many companies we’ve heard of that have sent moldy clothes that are wet. This is because they offered extremely low prices. Always think to yourself that if something is very cheap, it may be to good to be true.

You never have to worry about that happening with us. Our prices will never be the cheapest because our quality is consistent and our product is exactly what we describe. Our ideal customer is one who orders regularly and appreciates quality and consistency along with fair prices. We look forward to serving you.

So if you are seeking a wholesale used mens clothes for export from the USA give us a call or fill out or form.

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