Wholesale Used Men’s T-Shirts for Export from USA

If you are looking for a supplier, distributor, or wholesaler of used men’s t-shirts for export from the USA then you have found exactly that. Used Clothes Direct has many partnerships directly with clothing donation bin companies and have graded wholesale t-shirts ready for export from the USA.

Our main markets are Central America & South America so we understand exactly what you need. Our prices start at just a .29/lb! However, our inventory of wholesale used men’s t-shirts for export is always changing. Please verify our current inventory prior to requesting to place an order.

Different Types of Used Men’s T-Shirts for Export From the USA

wholesale used men's t-shirts for export from the usaIn some instances, the large sizes will be removed from our used men’s shirts because this is a common request. There are many different sub-types of used men’s t-shirts for export from the USA that we commonly export to Central & South America.

Wholesale Used Men’s Polos Shirts for Export – This product is very popular and these shirts are fantastic quality because they originate from the USA. Importing Polo shirts into Central or South America is something our team is very familiar with. Depending on the grade we have available, there are some top brands you can expect. Especially from our premium quality line where there will be bright colors, no stains, no fading, and like-new condition.

Bulk Used Men’s Solid T-Shirts for Export – If your goal is to get the most t-shirts for your dollar, then buying used men’s solid t-shirts is what you should look into. This is because they are basic t-shirts which are meant to give you a large volume of used shirts at a great price. They will not have fancy designs (like printed t-shirts found below). However, they do come in different grades so be sure to ask for pricing information.

Printed Used Men’s T-Shirts for Export – This type of shirt for export is becoming more popular because they are a bit more unique than a solid t-shirt. Used men’s printed t-shirts can have designs like superheroes, words, designs, and more.

Long-Sleeve Men’s T-Shirts for Export – Every so often we will get a request for men’s long-sleeve t-shirts for export. These long-sleeve men’s t-shirts will be either printed or solid in nature.

Prices of Used Men’s Shirts for Export by Type, Quantity, & Quality

The prices will vary according to the product, quality, and quantity. For instance, men’s used polo shirts for export by the container (40′) will have cheaper prices than a half container (20′). This is because the bigger the order, the bigger the discount. Some clothing distributors in Central America looking to import men’s shirts will enjoy these savings.

Premium quality will certainly fetch a premium over wearable quality. Premium quality mixed with modern quality used men’s t-shirts can start at $2.87/lb. They are also sold in 50lb boxes and are folded. On the contrary, we also offer wearable quality starting at $0.29/lb, meaning we have used mens shirts for export no matter what you need.

As you can see, our goal is to offer good prices with a great product. We’ve had sales calls with people who ordered from these people offering “cheap” prices only to end up having clothes that were wet and had mold. This type of bait and switch is not something we do. Give us a call for your wholesale used men’s t-shirts for export from the USA and we’ll be glad to help you.

Conditions: UsedClothesDirect.com sells overstock thrift store supply, credential clothing, clothing from graders, surplus, overstock and makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations of merchandise fitness or marketability. There are no returns, refunds, credits or exchanges, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are absolutely no refunds. All wholesale products are sold “AS IS”.