Mixed Grade Used Clothing

Mixed Grade Used Clothing for Export – Bulk & Wholesale Pricing

Mixed grade clothing is used clothing which consists of Grade A, Grade B, with a very small portion of waste (less than 20%). However, with our wholesale mixed grade used clothing for export, you are getting the best value dollar for dollar. This is because once you sort out the waste, you are left with Grade A & Grade B. All of our mixed grade clothes originates in the United States of America and is located in California.

Used mixed grade clothes for export is cheaper than both credential clothing & grade a clothing. This is likely because of the higher waste percentage than credential clothing. However, the price more than makes up for the higher percentage of waste.

Our wholesale used mixed grade clothing prices start at just .08/lb!

Bulk Mixed Grade Clothing for Export – The Advantages

mixed grade used clothingThe advantages of mixed grade clothing for export would have to be the price. Starting at .08/lb, you get much more clothing for the dollar. You can also sell the waste as rags! Our used mixed grade clothing for export is perfect for South America, Central America, Europe, & Africa!

If you have a low labor cost or an existing operation, mixed grade used clothing can be the ideal solution to grade the clothing for your specific needs. After sorting you will find the Grade A clothing which you can sell for top dollar. You can sell the waste to rag manufacturers to profit further from the ultra low price of this mixed grade used clothes for sale. Simply put, this is ideal for clothing distributors and graders who can invest the time to manually sort huge quantities and cherry pick the best products for resale.

Lastly, the used mixed grade clothing does have Grade A. This is not 100% trash by any means so do not expect trash. We just ask you to be realistic with your expectations because this is not 100% Grade A. There will be about 20% waste in these mixed grade used clothing bales. Ask us for pictures so you can see what our used mixed grade clothing looks like!

Disadvantages of Used Wholesale Mixed Grade Clothes

The disadvantages of used wholesale mixed grade clothes would have to be the waste. This type of clothing has more waste than credential clothing, grade a clothing, and grade b clothing. However, at the significant cost savings compared to other types of used clothing, you can always sort the waste and sell them to companies as rags.

Another clear disadvantage is man power. You will need man power to sort the mixed grade clothing unless you are a distributor or broker who will sell this products “as is”.

Other than that there isn’t any other disadvantages we can think of about this type of used clothing. Do not expect perfection. This is the lowest cost product we offer but for those who need a great value, this is it.

Bulk Mixed Grade Clothes for Export

If you run a large & serious operation, you will be glad to know we can supply up to 1,000,000lbs of mixed grade clothes per month. We have only 450,000lbs left to offer per month.

Our minimum order is 44,000lbs.

The team at UsedClothesDirect.com is very confident we will have the lowest prices you can find and most importantly, a consistant product. This product moves fast so call today to check our inventory levels.

Check our Inventory for Wholesale Used Mixed Clothing

The availability of this product constantly changes and is in high demand. If you are interested in wholesale used mixed clothing for sale, give us a call or fill out the form.

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