At it is our mission to provide used clothing for export to our partners. Our goal since day one has been to provide low pricing, fast shipping, and a consistent product. The founders Jason & Sergio agreed from the inception of that all clothes would originate only in the United States of America. Because of this, we are proud to say that most of our clients who order from us, will order again!

Our products come in various grades, prices and sizes. *Please contact us to verify inventory & prices as they are subject to change. Our most popular types of clothing are broken down into 4 popular types. Grade A, Grade B, Mixed Grade and Credential Clothing. Below you can learn a little bit more about each type of used clothing that we offer. Like always, feel free to email us or call us if you have any further questions.

Grade A Used Clothing

Grade A used clothing is considered the best quality used clothing for the price. Starting at $.47 per lb, the quality will always be in wearable condition and is the largest advantage of spending the additional money for Grade A rather than mixed or credential. Since our clothing comes from the USA, you can expect well known brands and high quality material. Its important to note that there can be up to 10% waste in Grade A Used Clothing although generally it is less than 10%. There are other versions of Grade a available such as AAA and AA grades which you can call us about. Pricing for Grade A clothing ranges from
Learn more about Grade A Used Clothing here.

Grade B Used clothing

Grade B used clothing is slightly more affordable than Grade A and also a bit more used. We offer Grade B Used clothing starting at $.17 per lb. You may see more light stains or smaller rips in some of the clothing. We offer cheap Grade B clothes from the United States which means high quality material and well known brands will be found in your order. If Grade A is a bit too expensive for your needs, Grade B may be a great option for you. We have many clients that order Grade B used clothing on a recurring basis and they’re very content with the quality and pricing we have to offer. Learn more about Grade B clothing here.

Mixed Used Clothing

Mixed grade clothing is used clothing which consists of Grade A, Grade B, with a very small portion of waste (less than 20%). At Used Clothes Direct we offer Mixed Grade Used Clothing starting at $.21 per lb. All clothing is from the US so the quality will be higher than clothing that is purchased from other countries, Mixed Grade is still a great choice for those that are looking for great pricing and aren’t especially concerned with having the best quality used clothing. Learn more about Mixed Grade here.

Credential Used Clothing

Starting at $.28 per pound, Credential Clothing is less expensive than graded clothes because it removes the labor cost aspect of grading. This is because there will be a small percentage of waste. Waste means clothes that likely wouldn’t make it in a thrift store, has tears, rips, excessive stains, etc. Used clothing graders typically sell their waste to commercial rag companies. However it is important to note that all credential used clothing is not created equal. For instance, some credential clothing will have a higher waste percentage than others. Our goal at is to ensure our wholesale credential clothing is of the highest quality & delivering the most consistent product possible. Learn more about Credential Clothing here.

Conditions: sells overstock thrift store supply, credential clothing, clothing from graders, surplus, overstock and makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations of merchandise fitness or marketability. There are no returns, refunds, credits or exchanges, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are absolutely no refunds. All wholesale products are sold “AS IS”.