Used Clothing for Export to South America & Central America


Finding used clothing for export to South & Central America typically starts with a Google search. It is very unlikely if you are in a county in Central or South America that you just happen to know the top players in used clothing. Export to South America or Central America is very common with the countries that allow it.

Used Clothes Direct has the industry expertise thanks to our partners with well over 30+ years of experience. This means you can work with someone who knows the industry inside and out. Even more important for you, is getting the best possible prices from a reputable company. You can look at our website and tell that we invested top dollars to make this website easy to use and easy to understand. The same cannot be said about the competition. Some other websites look like they were made over 15 years ago. It makes you wonder about their quality of products if they do not care about the look of their website.

Our website design was done for one intentional purpose, to speak volumes about our used clothing. We run a clean operation so having a website design that reflects this was of the utmost importance. So if you are seeking a reliable and consistent company to export used clothes to South or Central America, you’ve found your new partner.

What is Important When Exporting Used Clothes to South America

used clothing for export to South AmericaWhether you are wishing to export used clothes to South America with Grade A, Grade A & B, Mixed Grade, or Credential Clothing; you will need to have a company who understands how to do the consistent grading. If you choose a graded clothing, it is critical that your clothing for export is graded in a proper way. Having clothes graded incorrectly leads to partnerships that do not last.

Our goal has always been to keep long-lasting relationships with our ideal clients. While we do not work for everyone due to high demand and limited supply, we prefer to work with companies that need frequent orders. Building lasting partnerships is what our entire business model relies on. We do not wish to constantly grow our book of business.

Another item that is important aside from having experienced graders is fast shipping. Some websites that offer low prices do so because they say “they are waiting on inventory”. We’ve been told that sometimes they ask customers to wait 4 weeks! With us, we list the prices of the products we have in-stock and ready to ship. We do ask that you contact us to confirm availability.

Used Clothing for Export from the USA to Central America

The team at and its partners have worked to export used clothing from the USA to Central America for a very long time. We are known as the reputable used clothing dealer, distributor, supplier, or company that specializes in exporting to the following countries:

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Why Choose Us as Your Used Clothing Export Company?

The team at does everything in its power to ensure that you get what you pay for. Even though our prices are low, doesn’t mean our quality is! Our team goes so far to keep prices low that the warehouses which store the clothes we sell are in very bad areas. This keeps our rent very low so we do not need to add on this expense to our prices.

Conditions: sells overstock thrift store supply, credential clothing, clothing from graders, surplus, overstock and makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations of merchandise fitness or marketability. There are no returns, refunds, credits or exchanges, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are absolutely no refunds. All wholesale products are sold “AS IS”.