Wholesale Used Womens Clothing for Export From the USA

There are many different types of wholesale used womens clothing for export from the USA available. You will be happy to learn that Used Clothes Direct offers various different quality types of used women’s clothing for export. The demand for light summer women’s used clothes just continues to grow. Used Clothes Direct continuously gets requests on a daily basis for the containers to go to South America & Central America. Whether you need a bulk summer mix women’s used clothing or a specific item like blouses, our team can assist you.

There are various types of quality. You have the wearable quality which is similar to Grade B all the way to triple AAA women’s premium summer mix for export. Of course, there will large price differences with these two different types. Standard used women’s cotton pants start at just .21! With standard used women’s blouses short sleeve for export start at .31! Used Clothes Direct also offers second-hand men’s clothing for export as well.

As you can see, you can certainly do very well by buying already graded women used clothes bales. For export, some people ask us about credentials. However, you must keep in mind that consistent credential clothing is hard to come by due to the nature of the credential. That is, people donate. The same people do not donate consistently, so one batch may be slightly better or worse than another batch. That is out of our control and for that reason, we always recommend purchasing women’s graded used clothing for sale rather than credential clothing.

After touching upon a couple of different types of womens clothing that we export, we will now review each specific type. As time goes on, our team will update this page to provide you with links so you can get more information on the specific types of used women’s clothing for export that we have. Keep in mind, Used Clothes Direct specifically focuses on used women’s clothing for export to South American & Central American markets.

Used Womens Clothing for Export – Tops In Bales & By the Container

See any specific women clothing that you are interested in? Give us a call so we can check inventory. Our team will also provide you with pricing based on your specific needs for your used womens clothing for export. Just let us know the specific type of clothing you are looking for & the quality.

types of Used Womens Clothing for ExportUsed Womens Summer Mix Fashion Combo –  Second-hand women’s tropical mix comes in different qualities. From AAA second-hand women’s tropical mix to a mix of AAA-B, we have different types depending on your needs. This is our most popular used womens clothing for export that we receive requests for. *Note: Includes tops and bottoms.

Used Womens Knit Tops Short Sleeve – For export we have short sleeve in both fashionable & traditional. The most expensive is the used women’s knit tops fashion category which is nicer clothing than the traditional. The traditional is less expensive. Both of these types are grade A second-hand women’s knit tops for export which we call standard.

Used Womens Blouses Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve – You have the option for either second-hand women’s short sleeve blouses or long sleeve blouses. The used long-sleeve women’s blouses for sale are a little less expensive and the second-hand short-sleeve blouses for export are a bit more expensive but not by much.

Used Women’s Blouses, Skirts, & Dresses Mix – This is a great mix that has second-hand blouses skirts and dresses mixed together. The quality we offer in this mix is standard quality. This is a great mix for those that want variety as you get many different types of women’s clothing in one container.

Second-Hand Womens Clothes for Export – Pants In Bales & By the Pound

Used Women’s Lingerie – Second-hand women’s used lingerie for export is offered by Used Clothes Direct. The best description for this type of lingerie is as follows. A sexy mix which is desirable for the South American & Central American markets.

Used Women’s Dresses & Skirts – For export, if you do not want the blouses in the above mix, this is the best choice. Our second-hand dresses & skirts are very popular as they are a wide variety of wholesale tropical used womens dresses, nice skirts, and more.

Used Women’s Cotton Pants – For export, cotton pants are the cheapest product offered specifically for women through Used Clothes Direct. The pricing starts at a low .21/lb. The quality is standard to wearable which is also compared to Grade A – Grade B. For those seeking the best pricing on second-hand used women’s cotton pants, this is a great choice because it is the cheapest.

Used Women’s Capris for Export – This choice is very popular because it is fashion. Not traditional.  The pricing is pretty aggressive which makes our buyers happy. The quality is also good as it is a mix between modern and standard. Modern is just one level below premium. Some of the clothing will be higher quality compared to standard only. Get the second-hand women’s capris for export by the container before someone else does.

Used Women’s Jeans for Export – The only type of second-hand women’s jeans for export that we offer are fashionable. This is of higher quality than the traditional and more in demand. There is two different types of quality that you can choose from. The modern quality or AA used women’s jeans for export. The other option is standard quality or grade A used women’s jeans for export.

The goal is to attract partners who move numerous containers per month and deliver satisfactory merchandise. Fill out one of the forms on our website or give us a call. You’ll be glad you did. By now, you know that Used Clothes Direct takes used womens clothing for export very seriously.

Conditions: UsedClothesDirect.com sells overstock thrift store supply, credential clothing, clothing from graders, surplus, overstock and makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied and without limitations of merchandise fitness or marketability. There are no returns, refunds, credits or exchanges, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are absolutely no refunds. All wholesale products are sold “AS IS”.